Cafe Chez Andre du Sacre-Coeur カフェ シェ・アンドレ ドゥ・サクレクール
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A French café as if you were in Montmartre… 
Chez André du Sacré Coeur is a typical Parisian café where you can enjoy traditional homemade dishes. You will find yourself in a relaxed and informal atmosphere and feel a little bit of Paris in the center of Tokyo.
We are open all day so feel free to come in just for a coffee or a quick lunch. We also serve dinner featuring classic French dishes such as mussels, quiche, duck confit and so much more.
Looking forward to seeing you soon in Ningyocho,


Accordeon like in Paris…
Mr. Hajime Anzai will perform at our cafe on October 12th and November 9th, 2016.. There is of course no additional charge for the music !
Please come have dinner and enjoy the musette as if you were in Montmartre.

Price change
Some of our prices will change on October 1st, 2016. Following the recent increase of our suppliers' prices.

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