Flexite Supreme

The Ultimate Cast Thermoplastic For Removable Partials

FLEXITE SUPREME achieves almost the impossible!
The proportional limits (memory) of the thermoplastic is comparable to precious
wires and yet it is flexible, unbreakable, fits like a glove, and polishes to a high lustre.

* No Monomer
* Non-Allergenic
* Color Fast
* Bio-Compatible
* Superior Reproductions
* F.D.A. Approved Plastics
* Biologically Inert
* Superior Patient Comfort
* Reduced Adjustments
* Superior Esthetics
* Chemically Resistant
* Lowest Moisture Absorption

Flexite Supreme
Cast Thermoplastic Co-Polyamide(nylon alloy).
A unique cast thermoplastic with exceptional toughness and flexibility.
Comparable to precious wires.
Available in natural clear,light or dark pink and ethnic.
Use #221 bonding agent for acrylic additions and relines.

Flexite Plus
Unbreakable,Tough,Super Flexible Polyamide(nylon) for selected partials.
Available in light or dark pink and ethnic.
Can be added to,with our Rapid Set,when bonding agent #221 is applied in non flexing areas.

Flexite M.P.
Semi-Flexible Multi-Polymer Acrylic for fulls,TMJ's,bruxism,anti-snoring devices,
select partials and silicone rubber combinations.
Can be added to and relined with acrylic and silicone.
Available in light or dark pink,crystal clear and ethnic.

Whichever plastic you choose for your specific needs,patient comfort is definitely
enhanced and is far superior to metal. The smooth linguals and palates do not have
annoying major connectors such as bars and uprights which collect and accumulate
food and there is no metallic taste to add to the discomfort of the patient.

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