Public Interest Incorporated Association
Toyama Prefecture Society for Measurement

How do you do, our group is the society founded for the purpose of promotion of just measure business.
Our society is a council organizations established in prefectures, and the Prime Minister authorized of Public Corporation.
Main business makes them promote proper practical use of a measure.
We're doing proper measure check and management guidance of measuring instruments with Toyama-Prefecture, Toyama-City and Takaoka-City in this business.

We're also active widely besides the measure.
・ Business to promote academism and scientific technology and culture and art
・ Business to develop sound local community
・ Business to secure and promote fair and free opportunity for economic activity and to stabilize and enhance the lives of the citizenry by way of activating the economy

We are collaborating on area sightseeing with a local artist as a part of these business.
・ Making and selling plan of Grace doll (Local Artist:Miyanaga)
・Sale of a glass modeling work (Local Artist:Noda-Yuichi)

We introduce some work examples of Grace doll.(おわら風の盆 人形)
Grace doll is made using something of the genre as Ball-jointed doll of white porcelain.
It's called by in case of by a name as SD,MSD.
The lady who dances is being expressed by Owara-kaze-no-Bon of Toyama's famous festival in Japan.
This doll is expressing modeling of a face and a hand with a high degree of accuracy.
To raise an additional value, the mold of the gypsum is being used. Therefore it can't be mass-produced in a short period.
 General's work is being also planned the Japanese Warring States Period with about 43 cm of size.
 A doll of the appearance according to the order can be made.
This product market thinks an apparel industry exists besides the personal customer.
 When making a sampler in the section doing a design plan of clothes, the purchase price of the expensive cloth can be reduced.
 The expensive model dispatch cost can be cut with making customer's face of request and doll of a style.
 We request you to do a sale in a design section of an apparel industry and an experimental production section.
 We think the quality of our doll can meet the customer's demands enough.

We introduce some work examples of Glass modeling works.
 An author of this work was the person who represents a Japanese glass industrial artist under Yuichi Noda, and Toyama-ken invited him.
 His theme is the Cosmos and it's being expressed together with Koshi-no-Kuni where Toyama's antiquity was imagined.
 The blue Cosmos is spread there of the moment when you drink tea in a bowl and a bowl like a planetarium.
 The bottom inside the bowl is because the Cosmos is surfaced when you get wet with water.
 All his works are homemade, so something similar can be made, but anything identical isn't made.
Each work will be the work which has value Yuich Noda made by itself.
 He held an exhibition in France from October 22nd in 2008 to November 7th.


☆Introduction of a product for sale

A high-quality bisque doll 「 Grace Doll owara-kaze-no-bon festivalfemale dancer

The quality has made of the white porcelain, and moreover a joint part is the mobile system.

A picture see here, please. picture